>> October 15, 2007

So I am completely exhausted and now I have a cold. I think my body is telling me to slow down. We are almost done with the work in the new house and plan on moving in this coming weekend. Not everything will be finished, but everything that is left won't affect us being able to live there. The projects that won't be complete are mostly my projects. It takes ten times as long to get things done with a 4 month old. I have some great friends that have come to help me with some of my projects. Thank you Jen, Amy and Debra! I wouldn't even be close to finishing without your help.

Since the last time I posted, Bruce went to Atlanta for a conference and was gone almost a week, and we spent half of last week in Southern California for a wedding (and a trip to Disneyland to celebrate Mason's 4th birthday, which isn't actually until the 19th.) To all my friends in Southern California... sorry I didn't call or visit, but we didn't have any spare time to spend with you on this trip. I think that much of my exhaustion is from that trip. We got to my brother's in Riverside at about 12:30 am on Thursday morning; got up on Thursday to get to Disneyland by 10am. We spent the whole day there and got back to my brother's around 11:30pm; spent Friday in Pasadena with my mom until the wedding rehearsal time; Had brunch with my family on Saturday and then went to the wedding. We left Riverside on Saturday night at around 9pm to get home for Sunday and didn't get home until 2am (thanks to interstate 5 being closed. We didn't have a clue because there was no time to watch the news). When we got home the kids decided that they had a nice nap and were good and awake. I think I finally crawled into bed around 4am on Sunday, to get about 3 1/2 hours of sleep before having to get up and get Merritt to his soccer game by 9. We don't normally have soccer on Sundays, but the league scheduled make up games for the day we missed due to poor air quality. Our team won by default because only 4 members of the other team showed up. They split the team members and had a nice scrimmage! Thank God I could sleep a lot today.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

Bruce's dad and the boys taking trash down to the bin at the end of our street. (There's still new construction happening on our street)

Me cleaning the tile joints so that Bruce can grout.

Bruce grouting the kitchen. We had to complete the kitchen before the rest of the tile could be laid so that the appliances could be installed when they were delivered.

Molly at 18 weeks. This is how she plays with the Red Power Ranger.

Bruce, drilling a whole in the top of the desk for the cords to go through. These cabinets used to be oak and in the kitchen. Bruce painted and distressed them, along with the built in desk, and hung them for storage in the office area. (We put the rest of the removed kitchen cabinets in the garage and utility room.)

Molly at 19 weeks. You can see our new tile floor (still awaiting grout) under her.

The rest are from Disneyland...

Molly loved the condensation from any cup of ours that she could get her hands on.


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