More Molly...

>> January 30, 2009

Here is another of Molly's favorite activities...
(this one makes me laugh - a lot! It usually happens while I am trying to fold the laundry and almost always involves her brothers' underwear.)

(The blue underwear are Mason's and the camoflauge ones are Merritt's)

And then Mason's pajama bottoms (you can't really tell in the pictures, but she still has both pairs of underwear on - Merritt's are still around her waist)...

And after taking those three items off, she attempted Mason's pajama top...

But usually, this is her favorite outfit...
I took this picture around noon, after already getting her re-dressed 4 different times.
I think this is the real reason onesies and over-alls were designed.


We appear to have an artist in our family..


We're not sure how much actual TALENT will surface (as the artist is only 20 months old).
But there is NO lack of passion.
I only wish that her canvas of choice would be paper.
Instead, she prefers her foot...

Her belly.
She will write on her clothing if she can't have skin (although skin is preferred)...

And for the first time this week, she decided to try out the wall and her brother's bed...

We have had to be creative about where we put sharpies these days. Luckily, in all instances seen above, she was using washable markers (and pencil on the wall).
One more difference between girls and boys in this Kane household - the boys preferred paper.


Bethany's blog

>> January 23, 2009

My friend Beth has been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, but felt a little overwhelmed by what it would involve. So I offered to show her the ropes and design her blog page for her.
(This is my first custom blog. Thanks Jessica for the info on how to get started.)

I got the design done before Christmas and finally we had the time for me to show her just how easy blogger is.

So welcome Bethany to the world of blogging!
I'm so excited to have you join us.


If You Give Rhonda A To Do List...

>> January 22, 2009

Do you ever have so much on your "to do" list that you are overwhelmed?
For me, that means things just don't get done as quickly.
I put things off until later (which in the case of my boys' bedroom means the problem gets worse.)
I start on one project and let myself get distracted because I'm tired of how long it is all taking me. Or I think about another thing I should do and let myself wander to that project for awhile.
This post is a case in point. I sat down to work on the last of the photos I need to touch up to finish the CHRISTMAS PRESENT photo book for Bruce's family. See how behind I am? I have been working on this book since September! It SHOULD be done by now. But while I was working on one of the pictures I thought about posting a before and after on my blog. Then I thought about how it has almost been 2 weeks again since I've blogged.
So here I am BLOGGING instead of tackling my "to do" list.

The before and after of the picture I was working on this morning when I got distracted here on my blog...

I think I am now going to take a break from the computer and tackle this mess....

See what I mean - OUT OF CONTROL!
Really, this mess was my goal when I got up this morning.
I took Molly to my mom's so she would let me work and when I got home I started working on pictures instead of cleaning. (Much to share about Molly in my NEXT post)
I think I could write a new Laura Numeroff book ("If You Give A Mouse A Cookie") by the way I have been distracted this week.

Have a GREAT day.
Hopefully I can get productive for the rest of mine!



>> January 9, 2009

I know, I know... I have been an awful blogger.
It has been more than a month since my last post - and a busy month at that.
I hope you haven't given up on me.
The Christmas season was a bit wierd for me.
It came and went without ever truly feeling like Christmas.
I'm not really sure why either.
Honestly, I think it was just too busy in a non-Christmasy way.
And I am amazed that it is already 2009.
I can't believe that we were sitting in Bruce's parents living room 9 years ago - almost a decade - anticipating what might or could happen as a result of Y2K. I was pregnant with Merritt on that New Year. Wow has time flown by!

Amidst the craziness of last month, I do have some highlights to share with you.

First (and maybe best) I got to meet this fabulous little boy for the first time (and go to Louisiana for the first time too)...

Joshua is the son of my best friend from High School. We met when we were 14 years old. And today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Yvette!

I am so grateful that God has woven our paths together in such a way that our friendship is still strong (if not stronger) in 2009 - and we both love God (something we didn't share in high school).

Next, I started working again providing daycare for my neighbor's children (a 3-month old, a 6- year old and a 9-year old). I watch the baby all day, take the older kids to school with my kids, and keep them after school until their mom gets home from work.
My kids LOVE this. The 9-year old and Merritt are in the same class at school and have become great friends. And Molly thinks she has her own baby to care for.
It's not the office job I used to have, but it keeps me busy for sure, and helps a little with the household finances. And the best part is that I still get to be home.

Molly learned how to open the doors in our house. And she loves that she can get in the pantry to get herself "nacks". Unfortunately, that means A LOT more sweeping for me.
She also likes to take the trash cans out of the trash drawer and carry them around the house.
She's pretty busy these days. As a result, we didn't put any of our regular Christmas ornaments on our tree this year. Our tree was decorated with ornaments and garlands we made (& some silk flowers). At first I was a little disappointed, but I ended up liking the finished product very much.

Merritt started playing Basketball for the Hanford NJB. His first game was today. I still haven't taken any pictures, but I will.

Here are some pictures from December...

And our New Year card...

As I think about 2009, I plan on focusing more on Love.
I want to Love God more and let His love flow through me to those around me more abundantly. I pray 2009 is off to a great start for you!


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