Vacation Part 1 - Gold country

>> September 30, 2010

Yes, I am FINALLY getting to share our vacation with you.
This vacation started because my family was having a reunion in Seattle.
Because we had to drive, we took it slow and made it a fun AND learning experience for the kids.
Merritt had just finished studying CA history so we decided to make a few stops in a couple of the historic gold rush cities on the way. And then some GREAT friends offered us their timeshare for a couple of days right in the middle of the historic area - Angels Camp.
So right after our worship gathering on Sunday, we piled in the car and started driving.

Our first stop (only about 3 1/2 hours away) - Angels Camp (the home of Mark Twain's famous Jumping Frog Jubilee)

The kids were excited to be out of the car and officially on vacation.
And they LOVED the time share we stayed in.
Especially the rec room and pool - and the cable TV, which we don't have at home.

And they LOVED the yogurt shop in town...

We need one of these in Hanford!

Tomorrow I'll share about some of the sites we visited in Gold country.


A Month?

>> September 28, 2010

I just looked at my last post and realized it has almost been a whole month since I posted.

At the beginning of this month we had a lot of computer trouble that took me about 2 weeks to get figured out. We are up and running again with a new external hard drive, which I am still organizing.
I feel like I've been cleaning and organizing my computer all month.
And really, I have.

My plan today was to finally get my vacation pictures up here and play a bit of catch up, but alas, the pictures are on Bruce's computer. (See why I've been organizing? I need everything in one place so I can find it when I need it.)
I will get them off of his computer and onto the new hard drive that is now networked
and then onto this blog tomorrow.

I'd do it tonight, but I'm off to worship practice and my prayer meeting.
Hope you have a great evening!!!


New Friends

>> September 2, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we were in Lakewood for the wedding of some friends.
Bruce and I were photographing the wedding and because of unforseen circumstances, Molly ended up going with us. (You can read more about it here)

There were so many great friends there that we hadn't seen in a long time, and that we didn't have near enough time to catch up with. One of those friends had a daughter shortly before Molly was born and they've never met, but guess who was at the wedding?
YES. Molly finally got to meet and play with Emma.
They had a great time playing together. I wish we could have play dates more often.

And speaking of play dates...
After the reception was over, there was another reception at the beach over a bonfire.
The friends we were staying with offered to keep Molly while we went, which of course we jumped all over.
But in the midst of that, Molly made some more great new friends.
She LOVED her play date with Mark.

Thanks again Mark and Holly.
And I'm looking forward to your visit Jenny. (yes, I'm going to hold you to it!)


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