Portrait contest

>> October 30, 2008

Apparantly voting ended the same time as the deadline to submit an entry, so voting is over.
The rules say that there will be a judging panel and it seems like the popular vote isn't very important. We'll see. Thanks to those who tried. You can still see the image in a larger version by clicking on the link below.

Bruce took this picture and we entered it in a portrait contest.
Please vote for us!
This is the link given to us by Photrade (the site holding the contest).
I haven't tried the link yet so I'm not completely sure it works.
You may have to sign up for a free Photrade account in order to vote.
Let me know if it works.

Vote for my photo!vote


Dancing showdown...

>> October 24, 2008

I got this picture in an email yesterday and wanted to share it with you.
I usually keep away from political posting, but this is funny.
(AND is some GREAT photoshop work.)

I did my research to give credit. The picture was created by a Tampa Bay graphic designer named Martin Rice. I read about it at iphonesavior.com.



>> October 20, 2008

Just to catch you up on what we have been up to the past few weeks (and why my presence has been sparce in blogland)...
Sunday (the 19th) was Mason's birthday. I can't believe my little guy is 5. He woke up around 6am to tell me he is soooo glad he is 5 now.
He had a pretty good day, even though it was really busy for mom and dad.

If you had shown up at our house on Sunday evening during Mason's birthday dinner with our family (and not known it was Mason's birthday), you would probably have thought the celebration was for the princess in the house... (She LOVES this tiara my mom got her.)

As soon as he could get to it, Mason turned on the Wii to play the only gift he asked for, Lego Batman.
See the smirk? At first glance he thought this was a princess card.
Sunday was also the Calico Art Festival that Epic had a booth at. We sold handmade items made from mostly recycled materials for the purpose of raising money to send a team to Uganda to help out with AIDS relief and an orphanage. Our booth was the best looking booth there (if I do say so myself), and we had really nice items to sell. I am going to open an Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks to sell everything we didn't sell at Calico and maybe even items that didn't get finished in time for Calico. I'll let you know when it is up and running. All week last week was spent getting ready for that (I didn't even sleep Saturday night - but I got everything done that I could.)

The previous weekend was the Huell Howser tour of Hanford. The Epic worship team played downtown that afternoon for the event. We didn't get much traffic at our venue, but we had fun!
The boys had fun too. While I was singing, they were at the firehouse playing.

And the weekend before that - the weekend of the 4th - Bruce's brother Brent got married. Bruce and Mason were in the wedding. Although during the rehearsal Mason got a bit overwhelmed, he was like a pro on wedding day, in typical Mason style. And Bruce was right there to keep him in line when he started doing a jig. Molly on the other hand wasn't too keen on sitting quietly during the ceremony. She added a little art to the hymnal too, which she must have done while I was taking pictures because I only know she did it from the evidence found at the scene. Congratulations Brent and Gina!

Molly was attracted to the metal bars at the church...
At the reception, the kids got their food almost right after we got there. That place knew how to keep happy kids!

Molly played with this glass for over an hour...
We attempted to get a family picture since we were all dressed up. (Thank you Kerry!)
Here is an example of what that attempt was like with 3 kids.
(We did manage to get a few great shots!)
This weekend we have company coming that I'm pretty excited about. We can't wait to see you all!
AND Mason started playing soccer this month. I will try to get some pictures posted later this week.
I hope you are having a great week so far!!!!


>> October 3, 2008

There was lots of excitement at our house yesterday morning
about this....

Merritt spotted it first, when he was taking out the trash.
Its web is above the trash bins between our roof and the neighbor's tree.

Its funny because spiders usually cause a different kind of commotion around here. Especially when they are large like this one.
This time there was amazement and intrigue.
As they left the house to walk to school they were shouting,
"Take care of the spider mom. Make sure it has enough to eat."
That last part won't be a problem.
It caught a couple of flies already...

Maybe this spider will be the one thing that can rid us of those pesty flies that love the trash can.


Vote for me

>> October 2, 2008

I entered the capture the summer feeling photo contest to win a blog design. I know that my image is not the best of all the entries, but I am shamelessly asking you to vote for me anyways.

To vote go here
My image is on page 4 in the bottom left hand corner.

Apparently my image is not on page 4 for everyone. It depends on how many pictures your browser will load on one page.

This is the image you are looking for...

When you click on it, it will say vote for entry 0102. Just click on that and vote.
I'm not exactly sure when the voting ends, but the winners will be announced on Monday, October 6.

Thank you!!!


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