What's wrong with this picture?

>> February 26, 2009


Since my last post...

>> February 24, 2009

* Molly got RSV
* While she was sick we found that she had this in her nose (the red foam ornament, not the penny).

(This had to have been in there since Christmas.)
* We had a VERY busy Valentine's weekend, starting out with making these (and packaging and delivering) for the whole staff at one of the elementary schools in town.

(Sorry. I didn't get pictures of them all individually packaged in chinese take-out containers with cute ribbons and a sticker with a Valentine's Day wish.)
*Then we made these for the boys to take to school as valentines.

* Then our house became a floral shop for the 78 dozen roses we arranged, sold and delivered to raise money to purchase a well for a community in Uganda. You can read more about that here if you would like.

* Baseball season started for both Mason and Merritt this year, and basketball isn't quite over yet.
And on a side note, Molly is not only a cookie monster, but she has a fond love for cupcakes too. We lost a couple while we weren't looking...


Daniel and Julie Boyer!

>> February 10, 2009

Last weekend Bruce and I had the privilege of photographing Julie and Daniel's wedding. We met Julie when Mason was just a baby and she quickly became a dear friend. We have shared laughter and tears, worship and discipleship, stinky water and GREAT ice cream - lots of memories and GREAT friendship.
We met Daniel shortly after he started dating Julie and it didn't take too long to realize just how fun he was.
Daniel and Julie, we are sooooo happy for you guys!!!!
Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.
We love you!

Here is a sneak peek of the images we captured...

Didn't she look stunning?


This is one of the funnest first dances I have ever seen...

And I just LOVE these images.

Congratulations again!!!


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