More of You God and less of me

>> July 20, 2010

The other day I had a friend tell me that she was struggling with sensing God and was struggling with how to get out of the slump.

Don't we all go through seasons like that?
I know I do, but I am starting to realize how my pattern works.
Something happens either physically, emotionally or spiritually that causes me to seek God and lean on Him. I spend QUALITY time with Him MORE than once a day. Eventually, I am at a place where I am sensing His presence everywhere I turn around. I start to get comfortable and start spending less QUALITY time with Him in my day and before I know it, I haven't picked up my Bible just to meet Him in over a week.

And sometimes that week turns into a month.

And then I struggle to find God again because I'm so caught up in ME.

I read this devotion from Charles Spurgeon the other day and wanted to share it with you. I urge you to read it more than once or maybe even read it out loud to yourself.

“The ill favoured and leanfleshed kine did eat up the seven wellfavoured and fat kine” Genesis 41:4

Pharaoh’s dream has too often been my waking experience. My days of sloth have ruinously destroyed all that I had achieved in times of zealous industry; my seasons of coldness have frozen all the genial glow of my periods of fervency and enthusiasm; and my fits of worldliness have thrown me back from my advances in the divine life. I had need to beware of lean prayers, lean praises, lean duties and lean experiences, for these will eat up the fat of my comfort and peace. If I neglect prayer for never so short a time, I lose all the spirituality to which I had attained; if I draw no fresh supplies from heaven, the old corn in my granary is soon consumed by the famine which rages in my soul. When the caterpillars of indifference, the cankerworms of worldliness, and the palmerworms of self-indulgence, lay my heart completely desolate, and make my soul to languish, all my former fruitfulness and growth in grace avails me nothing whatever. How anxious should I be to have no lean-fleshed days, no ill-favoured hours! If every day I journeyed towards the goal of my desires I should soon reach it, but backsliding leaves me still far off from the prize of my high calling, and robs me of the advances which I had so laboriously made. The only way in which all my days can be as the “fat kine” is to feed them in the right meadow, to spend them with the Lord in His service, in His company, in His fear, and in His way. Why should not every year be richer than the past, in love, and usefulness, and joy? I am nearer the celestial hills, I have had more experience of my Lord, and should be more like Him. O Lord, keep far from me the curse of leanness of soul; let me not have to cry, “My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me!”, but may I be well-fed and nourished in thy house, that I may praise thy name.
More of You God and less of me.


Name Our Doll Contest

>> July 11, 2010

Update: Bruce's blog is being stubborn and many are having trouble leaving comments there, so you can post your entry here too. So much for trying to keep everything organized in one place.

Name our Doll Contest

In two weeks from today, our family will embark upon our summer adventure as we drive to Seattle for a family reunion. Whenever we take long driving trips, we try to make it fun for the kids. This time will be no different. We have lots of fun planned, making several stops to see the sites and visit some friends. We thought it would be fun to take this pretty little doll along for the trip and see what pictures she might pose for as we travel and as she meets new friends. You can read more about her and her future on Bruce's blog.
Before we leave though, we need a name for our doll. And we want you to help us choose. Simply post a comment on Bruce's blog with your suggestion. We will have our life group vote on the names on Tuesday, July 20 - the last time we all get together before we leave. The name with the most votes will win. It will be the name she carries with her throughout our family trip, on our blogs, and will remain with her as she is sold for our missions fund-raising.

There is a prize involved for the person who first suggests the winning name... a $10 iTunes gift card.
(If more than one person suggests the same winning name, the first person who suggested that name will be the winner.) And your name suggestion must be posted on Bruce's blog to be counted.

All right, go here to make your suggestion and be entered to win the $10 iTunes gift card.


Happy Independence Day

>> July 4, 2010


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