>> December 26, 2007

One of the things we got to do this month was go to the El Capitan for an Enchanted party. Thank you Nina (and Erin and Onne) for a very fun Christmas party. I went to one of these parties in 2001 when I took Kayla Sharp to the Princess Diaries party. They sure have changed. When Kayla and I went, there were about 75-100 people who, after the movie, went to a tea party. We were served tea sandwiches, treats and different drink options. All of the Disney princesses were in attendance and came to talk to us (and pose for pictures, sign autographs, etc), table to table. Now when you leave the theatre and enter the after event, it is like a small amusement park inside. There is a jumper, a couple of different sized climbing walls, an apple throwing suite, an arcade that doesn't require quarters, and much more. Of course the Disney princesses were all there, including Giselle from Enchanted, but they don't meander the room, they have stations now, like at Disneyland, and you stand in line to see them. You can still sit down and be served a meal, but you have to have a private party, which is what we did. I think most everyone who attended the movie went to the after-event. But we waited until after our meal to go to the event and it wasn't too crowded. We didn't have to wait in line (more than one person ahead of us) to see any of the princesses and the boys were able to play without much of a wait also. Here are a couple of pictures...

Mason's favorite part of the evening was the climbing wall. He climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed... Every time he got to the top and slid down the other side to the bottom he was climbing to the top again - for an hour straight. Sometimes Merritt would join him, but Merritt enjoyed all of the options.

I think this was one of the highlights for Merritt. We waited until the very end of the evening for this picture so that we wouldn't have to wait in line (and waste time that was otherwise spent playing), but Merritt made sure that we didn't miss this photo opportunity. He sat and talked with Giselle for quite awhile before posing for the picture.

You probably noticed that there isn't a picture of Mason with any of the princesses. That is because he hid behind me every time we got up to one. He wouldn't even talk to them. I've never seen Mason act shy like that. Oh and thank you grandma for letting us borrow your camera. My camera had a dead battery when I took it out to start taking pictures.

2 responses:

Christy December 28, 2007 at 2:35 PM  

yay! I have been waiting to see those photos! Great shots.

Jessica January 4, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

Oh wow, that looks like SO much fun! I would have LOVED to do that as a kid.

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