What a week - part 3

>> June 17, 2010

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In a perfect world my children would have slept until at least 8am, my husband would have had no appointments for the day and instead would have swept my children away so that I could sleep for many, many hours on Monday. But, really, who lives in a perfect world?
Instead, my Monday started at 6:30 am with Mason needing me. I don't even remember why, because my brain was too tired to engage. (At least I was able to get in bed by 10pm on Sunday.)
Molly was up by 7am wanting me to hold her.
(At least she was content with me holding her while laying in my bed.)
Bruce was nowhere to be found (at least in the house), because he was being dilligent about going to the gym and had left the house before Mason was whispering in my ear, "Mom? Are you awake?"
So I eventually got out of bed, got the kids some cereal and found my way to the chair so Molly could "hold me".
Bruce got home, took a shower and was off for the rest of the morning with appointments.
We had 2 cars for the day because Bruce's brother was in Washington DC with his family and let us borrow their car for the week, so really, there was no rush for Bruce to be home (besides me wanting sleep.)
Then I got a call from one of my friends wondering if we were still going to swim today.
Oh yeah, it's Monday and school is out, which means our summer activities have begun.
(I actually remembered this part. I just thought my Monday girls were out of town.)
Yes, we may as well swim because my kids are already stir crazy - and it's only the FIRST day of summer vacation. I had promised them new goggles, because we were down to 0 usable pairs.
I had a car and there was still 2 hours until we would meet at the pool, so off to Target we went.
It didn't take long to pick out goggles since we already know, from years past, which style just don't work that well. And we already knew that we WOULD NOT be spending $17 on a pair of goggles.
So really it was about color and size.
Molly was the easiest - PINK (and the least expensive youth pair available)
Mason was the next easiest - red or blue and which youth size fits best. Size found - check. No red ones available in his size and preferred style, so blue it is - check.
Merritt was a little bit more complicated. He fit some of the large youth styles and most of the adult styles too, so there was a little more to choose from for him.
And then, while I was helping him choose which style was the most comfortable, I heard a large thud.
All my instincts kicked in as I spun around to see which kid and what the damage was.
And as I said Mason, I could see the fear on his face.
The crying was a pretty delayed reaction. I think we saw the blood first as he put his hand to his head where he had slammed down into the side of the shopping cart as he was trying to climb in the back of it.
I don't know if I have ever gotten all 3 kids out of the toy section of Target and up to the front of the store so quickly. I was defiinitely running on adrenaline. (Remember how tired I was?)
I could actually think clearly enough to go get some gauze pads and anti-bacterial wound cleaner to see if we would need to make a trip to the doctor. (I had to get a travel pack of wet-wipes too to clean up all the blood. Thank God they everything was all on the same aisle.)
Once I could actually see the wound, I realized he would probably be fine with some steri-strips or butterfly bandages (neither of which is sold at Target, but the pharmacy employees were kind enough to give me some out of their first-aid kit.) So doctor mom, in her doctor's office of a Nissan Quest, went to work at cleaning and bandaging the wound. (We did mange to puchase goggles too)
We went home and the adrenaline rush stopped and I about got sick.
I could have NEVER been a doctor or nurse!
Do you ever have one of those days where the things that went wrong caused you not to even be able to do the things that caused what went wrong?
Does that even make sense?
I think you probably get what I am saying.
There was no way I was going to let Mason swim now.
But Merritt and Molly were very much anticipating the pool.
We made a compromise and waited until Bruce got home so Mason didn't have to go sit in the heat and watch everyone else swim. (Even though he would have been perfectly happy doing that if I would have let him play his Nintendo DSi, which he had already played all of his earned time for the day.)
He wasn't too much worse for the wear at the end of the day.

The rest of the week put us in the full swing of summer activities.
Free movies at the Regal Cinemas Family Film Festival, reading, playing with friends, more swimming at grandma's house, a Jr. High graduation for a friend that we don't get to see nearly enough of anymore (pictures on that later this week.)
I am finally feeling rested and caught up.
Mason managed to split his eye wound back open on Sunday, wrestling or something like that in Sunday school. This time the wound is deeper.
And I wonder if he shouldn't have seen a doctor.
But it was Sunday and that would have meant a trip to the ER all the way in Fresno.
So we went to the drug store, got some steri-strips and decided to see how it was doing on Monday before making that decision. He's doing GREAT. Although he IS going to have one heck of a scar.
He did miss swimming again on Monday, but he got to go in the pool at grandma's on Tuesday - with lots of rules on how to protect his owie.

Summer's off to a bang here in the Kane household and we have lots of fun and adventure on the calendar for the rest of it.
I hope it will include spending time with some of you!


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