What a Week

>> June 14, 2010

(Well really week and a half if you count the days getting ready for the weekend and the end of school on Friday.)
It started off with a whirlwind of a weekend, driving to Southern California to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Stephanie.
I'm soooo excited for my brother and Stephanie to be parents!
We've been waiting for this moment for many years.
So my mom and I got in the car on Friday morning, after getting the boys off to their first day of school
(and hardly any sleep for the previous 2 nights trying to get things done),
and started the journey to Irvine.
The plan was to get there fairly early in the day.
Do the shopping for the shower.
Prep the food that needed to be prepped.
Then, go out to dinner with my sister and her twins, and my brother and his wife to celebrate my mom's birthday.
Oh and get some maternity pictures of Stephanie while we were out to dinner too.
It was not in the plan, however to hit traffic so early in the day.
(It took almost 2 hours to go from Glendale to Cerritos and if you know the area, you know that I was in a lot of traffic.)
Therefore, the food prep would have to wait until after dinner.
(as well as getting the items for the shower that I couldn't get at Costco.)
We had a really nice dinner.
I got some nice maternity pictures.
And I started the food prep at 10pm.
(which equals a third night in a row of only 4 hours of sleep)

Saturday morning started really early - 6:00 am to be exact so that we could get the cupcakes from the bakery by 6:30, get back to the house to finish up the prepwork, get ready and leave by 8:30 for the shower.
That would get me to the shower site an hour early for set up - perfect!

If only things would always work out as planned!!!
Regardless of everything that didn't go according to the plans, Stephanie was blessed and a nice time was had by all.

It was so good to see so many friends.
(I wish I could have visited with and not just seen more than I got to visit with - Christy, Ruth and Melissa!)

I did get to see one of those friend's new house before I went home though.

It's REALLY beautiful Mary!
When all was said and done, we were starting our 4 1/2 hour drive back home starting at 9:00 pm.
(What's one more late night anyways?)
I had to be home on Sunday to lead worship because most of my team had requested that weekend off.
Sunday was another FULL day...
The missionaries that Epic helped in Africa last year were in town so we had lunch and Superior Dairy with them after our worship gathering. Then headed out to Merritt's end of the season baseball team party.
When my head hit the pillow around 9pm on Sunday night - boy did it hit hard!

To be cont....

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Christy June 15, 2010 at 2:28 PM  

What a LOOONNNNGGGGG weekend. We did get to "see" each other in person though at least. ;) Glad Steph had fun. :)

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