Molly - 17 weeks

>> September 28, 2007

Molly is going to be 4 months on this Sunday. Wow! Time is flying by faster with her than it did with the boys.
This month has been a fun month with her.
She loves her toes. She loves to hold them and put them in her mouth. She was getting mad the other day because she was in her car seat, which prevented her from getting her toes all the way to her mouth.

For the first couple weeks of the month, when you laid her down on the floor she would scootch all over the place on her back. Now she promptly rolls over to see what's around her first.

Last week I put her down in my bedroom at the new house (the only room with furniture in it yet). I went to the bathroom, and when I came back she was nowhere to be seen. I found her because she was squealing and cooing quite loudly, and when I looked to where the noise was coming from I saw toes sticking out from under the bed. She had scootched herself under the bed and was having a grand old time there.

This morning I put her in the saucer and she loved it.
She is growing up sooooo fast!

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Annie September 28, 2007 at 5:52 PM  

I can't believe she's 4 months! I love these little stories, they make me smile. I had a good time rubbing noses with her last weekend and hearing her make her new little grunt noise. What a little ham she is!

Christy September 29, 2007 at 6:49 PM  

ok she's beautiful! Hi sweet girl!!

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