>> March 31, 2008

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted. I have been wanting to blog, but honestly haven't had the time to sit at my computer long enough to do so. We had a very busy week last week which I will share in my next posting later today. I have pictures from Easter to post later too (after I get them off of my camera).

This morning I just had a few minutes and wanted to share with you some stuff from yesterday morning's worship gathering. Bruce just started a new series called "Closer" and he is teaching about intimacy with God. I am loving this series already. I love that you can't even enter the worship space without being stopped a couple of times - stopped to understand that worship is happening already, stopped to make sure that you are bringing worship with you, stopped with helps if you aren't prepared to worship God or don't understand how to do that. Yesterday Bruce taught from Psalm 73. He ended with a couple of questions to ponder this week to help us have the right perspective and focus as we are working towards closer intimacy with God.

"If you were to go to Heaven and receive all that Heaven has to offer, but Jesus/God wouldn't be there, would you still want to go?"

"Are you truly in love with God, or are you just in love with what He offers you?"

My immediate response was that I know I love God. But I am also challenged to consider where my love for God would be if I had never received any of the blessings/comfort/provision/peace/etc... that He has given me. God's love for me is UNCONDITIONAL. I want my love for him to be as unconditional as humanly possible too.

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Christy March 31, 2008 at 12:13 PM  

Thanks for those thoughtful questions. I think in everyones life at some point you will face some kind of trial that will take your breath away and cause you to wonder where the heck God is in the madness. but then as you exhale and breath back in his sweetness you realize life without him is no life at all. At least thats how it happened for me. ;)

Diana April 1, 2008 at 9:05 PM  

I LOVE that Bruce asked those questions at the end. They really get you thinking. On the one hand, heaven is absolute perfection and it would be so wonderful to be there. However, without God, despite how wonderful it may be, it would be hell, since it would be enternity separated from God.

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