>> April 8, 2008

I am still loving this series on Intimacy with God.

This week Bruce taught from Psalm 8.
We serve a HUGE God.
And not a typical human perspective of huge, but so much bigger.

Have you ever considered exactly how huge the universe is?
We watched a computer rendered depiction of what physicists theorize our universe looks like, starting from here on earth and zooming out (over about 10 different frames) to as far as they are able to see from the best telescopes they have. This rendering doesn't even measure the ends of the universe, it only goes as far as scientists can actually theorize from what they are ABLE to see. In the rendering, our galaxy (not our planet) isn't even distinguishable from the other galaxies. It just looks like another star in the sky.

Psalm 8 calls the heavens the work of God's FINGERS. When I consider how immense the heavens (the work of God's fingers) actually are, I marvel at just how HUGE God really is. And then when I consider humans in relation to that I have to join David in saying "What are mortals that you should think of us?" (vs 4) We are sooo much smaller than we usually make ourselves out to be.

And think about that. God DOES consider us. Read on in Psalm 8.
The Bible says that the very hairs on our head are numbered by God.
Consider that, because of His love for us, He made Himself like us and died on a cross (see Phillipians 2:7 & 8). God desires intimacy with us.
WOW!!!! David GOT that. Do you?
I do, but I obviously forget it, because I surely don't always ACT like I get it.
And quite honestly, it really makes no difference how much my MIND gets it if my actions don't reflect that. Forgive me, Lord.

So here are the questions to consider and reflect upon this week...
"Did you have any moment this week where God's name was majestic?"
I am making it a point to not get too busy in my day to notice God, and go beyond that to looking for God in my day. He is there always if I just stop to notice.

"Have you gotten too big?"
(Too big to humble yourself when others are looking, not just in your quiet place with God?) Consider verse 2 of Psalm 8. The praise of infants and children silence the enemy. This also makes me consider Matthew 18:3&4 where Jesus says we must become like little children, specifically noting a child's humility. Children are unhindered in their praise. They haven't gotten too big.

"Are your eyes focused too low (in consideration of God)? Do you need to raise your perspective?"
For me, this is a moment by moment consideration.

This week (and in all the weeks to come) let's make it a point to (as the psalmist puts it), "worship God in the splendor of His holiness."

Let's make this entry a statement of praise to God.
Comment on how God's name was majestic to you this week, where and how you saw God, how you raised your perspective and God was HUGE, etc.

"O Lord, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills this earth!" (psalm 8:1 & 9)

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Christy April 9, 2008 at 9:07 AM  

thanks for the post. I am at my most connected and in realization of how big God is when I am outisde in his beauty. This past weekend standing at the lakes edge and looking straight up at the snow covered mtns. reminded me of just how BIG God is and how much he loves me. Then something so small as driving through the orange groves yesterday on my way home and the smell reminds me again of the fragrence of my Lord. Love it!

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