Passion results... *updated*

>> April 30, 2008

Yes, I am finally posting the results of me asking you what you think I am passionate about.

Here's the list of what most everyone said:
* your husband
* your children
* serving others
* your friends
* worship

Here are a few quotes from some really good friends:

"You are passionate about...becoming the woman God has created you to be even when it's very hard."

"You are passionate about...finding out what God has you here for and loving others that may appear unlovable towards you."

"First and foremost is being a wife and mom. Then I would say your friends. In our friendship I have known you to be selfless and moved towards the 'betterness' of my life, and especially my relationship with God. It seems like you are passionate to see the best in all your friends. I'd say being a friend is one of your biggest strengths. The last thing is the call God has placed on your life to be a worship leader."

"Well a lot of things come to my mind but I would have to say one thought that popped into my head (after thinking about what an awesome mother and example you are to an aspiring mother like myself ) is that you really have the heart of a servant. If I had to answer this in one sentence I would say, "Rhonda is passionate about being an unselfish servant of God." I really feel that you are passionate about being an example of Christ through serving others with your time and patience."

Honestly, I hoped for responses like these, but wasn't so sure that was what showed.
These are the passions that I was talking about in this post, when I was talking about having passions that God is passionate about.

This whole conversation about passion has really taken me to that place. I mean, being passionate about my relationship with God is the obvious one for me that I need to focus on, but what do I do with all of the other passions in my life. We all have passions that, on the surface, are the same passions of those in this world that couldn't care less about God.

I need to make sure that THOSE passions are in line with what God is doing in my life.
I need to make sure those passions are motivated by my passion for God.
I need to make sure those passions are there because God gave them to me.
I need to make sure that when people notice those passions in me, they see God, not Rhonda.

Again, I say THANK YOU Leslie for starting this conversation. I look forward to the next challenge.
Thank you my dear friends and family for answering my question.
And mostly, thank you God for being patient with me as you continue to mold me.

And for those of you who have been pondering the question, but haven't had the opportunity to get back to me yet, I still want to hear what you have to say. God is using you to sharpen me.

By the way, this post says *updated* at the top because only a couple of sentences in, before I had really even gathered my thoughts, my little 4 year old helper decided to come see what I was doing and clicked the mouse, that happened to be positioned on the PUBLISH POST button.

2 responses:

Leslie May 1, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

awesome Rhonda, Love it... thanks so much for sharing, sounds like you have some awesome friends who know the heart of who you are....

SO SO glad you joined us in this. I find myself now hearing the word passion out and am so interested in the way its used. Next weeks challange should be a good one too, I hope everyone gets involved.

Christy May 3, 2008 at 6:39 PM  

great answers my friend. Keep up the good work and the job of seeking Gods true desire for why you are here. I know I have been blessed by your presence so thats one reason. :) Love you!

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