>> September 17, 2008

Here are some of the pictures I promised to post...

Walking to school on the first day of school.
We walk most days, but sometimes we ride scooters and skateboards.

This is Merritt's classroom and where his desk was on the first day. All of the desks are slightly organized differently now.

This is Mason with his teacher. We didn't get one of Merritt with his teacher on the first day. We will definitely get one before the year is over.

Mason LOVES kindergarten. And he LOVES showing his big brother all the cool stuff in his classroom. This is his cubby where he puts his backpack when he gets there in the morning.

Here are a few pictures of Molly. She is almost 16 months old now. These should give you a small picture of who she is these days...

Trying to ride Bullseye

She managed to get on the table all by herself in the time it took me to go to my bedroom and put a book away. (Since I took this picture, she has learned how to get on the kitchen counter as well.)

I LOVE this. She is such a girl.

I DON'T love how NO has become one of her favorite words - only second to goggie (translated doggie). I look forward to her ever-expanding vocabulary taking the place of, no, more often.

I'll try to post pictures from my trip for my grandma's funeral later today.

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Christy September 17, 2008 at 4:13 PM  

oh, so cute! Rock on Molly! The boys are getting so big!! :)

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